Frame Shape Guide

1. Determine your face shape

2. Determine which style and frame complement the shape of your face with our helpful guide

  • OBLONG: Aim to widen and shorten, Best Fit Round or Square
  • RECTANGLE: Aim to soften and minimize jawline, Best fit Sleek Cat Eye & Wide Oval
  • ROUND: Aim to elongate and lean out, Best fit Cat Eye & Round​
  • SQUARE: Aim to soften and define, Best Fit Cat Eye & Round
  • ​INVERTED TRIANGLE: Aim to accent eye area, Best Fit Metal, Rimless & Aviators
  • ​HEART: Aim to soften, Best fit Oval Slightly Rounded, Butterfly Shape
  • ​DIAMOND: Aim to spotlight cheekbones, Best Fit Oval or Soft Square
  • ​OVAL: Lucky you, every style is a fit…rrrr! 😉


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